Drift Creek Falls

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 Hey Forest Me and my family will be in Lincoln City In this summer and Drift creek Falls looks like a great family hike I have a 2 & 5 yr old is this trail do-able for this age?  I will pack my 2 yr old in a kid pack.  Also the bridge looks very cool how scary is it for kids and is it stable?  How far is it from Lincoln City?  Any info will be helpful.  Thanks!

It's been a long time since I've done that trail, so I'm glad D-Money could could help with that one.   I do remember it being quite nice, and being impressed by the bridge.
 Thank You that is very helpful!
T. Simons_81
Simons 81
I have done this trail acouple of time as a quicky while in Lincoln City. Although I have never taken my kids on it I wouldn't bat an eye to take my five year old. It's not a long or very difficult trail, and I would probably stop just after the bridge. After you cross the bridge it goes down hill to the river, and the climb back up might be tough for a young one. The bridge is very sturdy, althought it does shake as you cross, but only mildly. You can see the waterfall from the bridge so you dont neccessaraly need to go all the way down to the river. I dont remember what the height of the bridge is, but my wife is mildly afraid of heights and she was able to cross the bridge. If you don't have a NW Forest Pass you will have to pay for parking.