Easy Backpacking Trails

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This august a group of around 12 people are planning a backpacking trip, And we need some ideas on where to go. We are hoping to find an easy-medium trail, someplace where we can hike in and camp around a lake or river/stream, that hopefully has some fish in it. We are all skill levels, and ages (most of the group is over 45). And its just going to be a 3 days trip. Any ideas? We are hoping for no more then 2-4 miles hike in.

Indian Heaven would be a good choice.  You might try entering a Thomas Lake though.  You'll save drive time and the hike in is definately less strenuous.  It allows easy access to Thomas, Blue, Elk, Deer and Bear Lakes all  of which are good fishing lakes.  They are the only Lakes with fish that I know of.  This is also a great place for the new hikers to fall in love with the wilderness.
We are thinking of a site called "still foot" anyone ever heard of it?
Lots of great options exist (although not being a fisherman, I'm never too sure on that aspect).  Pamelia Lake and Marion Lake near Mt. Jefferson immediately come to mind.  Both pretty short trails (but also popular, so finding enough room for 12 people may be a challenge). 

Another good place to consider would be the Indian Heaven Wilderness, north of Hood River.  If you start at the Cultus Creek Campground, its about 2.5 miles to Clear Lake, where a base camp could be set up.  There are numerous lakes in the area, so there could be some good opportunities for short day trips to other lakes and hiking opportunities.

You will probably also want to look at forest service pages, since there generally is a maximum party size--you're probably under it, but I'm not totally sure what it is.

There are thousands of place that fit your criteria.  Where do you live and how far are you willing to drive?