Goat Rocks in summer

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I would like to backpack for a week in Goat Rocks this summer at about 5,000 or 6,000 feet.  I have not been there befors.  Ideally, I'd like to miss the snow and, with the mosquitoes abating, catch the wildflowers.  Anybody want to hazard a guess as to the best time to go?  Have historical experience?  

My fav time to go is late aug-mid sept.  The wildflowers often last until first snow, so you're pretty much guaranteed a show.  The mosquitos and deer fly have always been a problem for me below the tree line, but its pretty easy to stay above the trees here.  Check out goat lake if you have the chance, it's pretty spectacular.
This is a great area and the views are even greater.  I went last year in late august with a few friend for a short hike just over 20 miles in. We start at the PTC at White Pass, WA and headed south to shoe lake and stop just below knife edge where the was an old shelter.  I would love to return and walk the knife egde and continue to walupt lake. 

It has always seemed to me like its a rule of nature that the mosquitos always peak at the same time as the wildflowers.  I would probably head up in mid-August.  You should definitely miss the snow and the majority of the mosquitoes, and it seems as though flowers stick around until early September, so you should have some good wildflower displays as well.
Most of the mosquitos and snow should be gone by august and some wildflowers should be hanging around.  It changes a bit from year to year, but typically July is the worst of mosquito season in the mountains, but after the mosquitos are gone the biting flies like to make an appearence.