Some Summer Plans

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Working on a few trip possibilities for this summer.  If anyone has done pieces of these, have general comments, or ideas for other trips, please post!

Diamond Peak Loop
This loop includes a short 2 mile road walk (purple), and a mile bushwack (blue) between the Divide Lake and the Pacific Crest Trail (has anyone done this?).  The rest of the trip is just nice trail.  This should be a pretty good trip to experience one of Oregon's forgotten mountains, and a loop that not too many have probably done.

Dark Divide Loop
I have been intrigued by the area between Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams for quite some time.  It seems like there is some pretty rugged country there ready for some exloration.  This loop trip travels along a couple of the most interesting looking ridges.  Blue is roadwalk, Purple is bushwack, red is trail.

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