Jefferson Park

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Is Memorial Day weekend too early to tackle Jefferson Park? I have two boys (9 & 6) and my wife. We were thinking about hiking in and camping for the extended weekend.....any and all information about where to start, different trail options, and if a loop is available, along with suitability (for the kids) would be greatly appreciated.

Memorial Day is likely going to be too early, it probably is clear late June or early July.

Once it is clear, it is a spectacular area and there are plenty of lakes and side trails to explore once you're there.

There are multiple routes in.  The most popular is likeley coming in on the Pacific Crest Trail from the north.  Another good alternative is the South Fork Breitenbush River, which can be combined with another trail through the Sentinel Hills (the ridge to the south of the South Fork Breitenbush River) to form a loop.  I've been through the river valley which was nice, but haven't done the loop.