Snow level in Wallowas

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Hey does any one know what the snow level is like in mid June for the Wallowas. The Polaris Pass and Glacier pass aren't too big of a deal but we will be camping around the 7000' to 7500' elevation.

The weeks leading up to mid-june will determine the snow levels.  The snow-pack wasn't huge this year, but if we don't get some high temps in late spring the snow won't be leaving anytime soon.

The snow pack is going to differ around the Wallowas.  The Eastern side will likely have less snow.  Aneroid lake is on the eastern side, but it sits in a northfacing basin, so I imagine the snowpack will remain fairly deep through June. 
You may want to look at the snotel site, which gives snow depth and snow water data.  For Aneroid Lake, the page is here:

The snow depth reports look like they only go back a few months, so I couldn't really find a snow depth report for a typical June.  However, there is a 'Snow Water' report listed under 'Period of Record Data Tables', which if I am thinking correctly, looks as though there is still quite a bit of snow around mid June, and doesn't really melt out fully until early July. If you explore the site a little more, you can probably find better info.