Off Season Plans

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So I had been planning all week on taking a good hike on Mt. Hood, at least until I watched the weather last night and it looks like highs would only be in the low or mid 30s and an east wind would keep the temps quite chilly. I guess I hit the realization that summer is now over, and I need to revert to my off season and cold weather hiking mindset! While I'm getting a little antsy to get out and do a good trip, I need some inspiration to get me truly motivated! Does anyone have any big plans for the off season? Planning any good backpacking trips or adventures?

I'm always planning trips. There are a lot of winter day hike opportunities in the columbia river basin. Lower trails in hells canyon and the salmon river usually don't hold snow. I'm going to try to check out the owyhee canyon lands wilderness in the early spring. I may end up visiting my grandparents in Arizona, who happen to live right next to the superstition wilderness. Cross country skis are on my shopping list. If anyone is interested, I want to get a group together to hike the Continental Divide trail through Glacier National Park next summer.
What off season? My skis and snowboard are ready for the snow! After freezing my tookis off up at Jefferson Park last weekend, I'm not so sure about the snow camping now. The cold is's the 14+ hours of darkness that wouldn't be so tolerable. So until the vernal equinox, it's day trips for me :0)