PCT from OR to Hwy 12 WA

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This is a question for those that have done this section from the Bridge of the Gods Trailhead up to Highway 12 in WA. I am doing this by myself and I think it is OK to do, but would welcome comments from folks who have done this. The plan is to do it in 12 days say averaging 10-12 miles / day. My main concern is if I have to get out, are there some handy exit points. Thanks

Thanks for the update and congrats on doing the section! Great photos as well!
Well I did it and the only real concern was the shortage of water on some sections as the topo maps indicated either a stream or a small pond, many of these were dry. But of course this would not be the case in spring or early summer. The highlight was naturally the Goat Rocks Area and those contemplating a trip I would suggest Sheep Lake for a base and then day hikes to Snowgrass Flats , Goats Lake or Old Snowy. I will put up some photos.
The only good exit point that I can think of is just north of Trout Lake, you would have to hike down the forest service road to hit the town, but there is a small cafe and I believe a pay phone. Other than that, it is fairly lonely country. Scenery is great though.