Day Hikes, Mt. Hood area

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Hello, My wife and I will spend the first week of September near Mt. Hood and are interested in day hikes with maximum exposure to scenery and wildflowers. We may be too late for flowers, but please advise us. Thanks in advance.

Thanks, D-Money. I'm sure we'll do that one, just for the name if for no other reason. But I'm sure the trilliums (trillia?) are long gone by now.
If your in that area I suggest you stop by Trillium Lake. It has breathtaking views of Mt Hood, and a nice trail that surronds the lake. The trail takes roughly about 90 min and has plenty of wild flowers. It is one of my favorite places to go mostly just for that view of Mt Hood.
Thanks for the tip, Mainefish. I'll check that one out. Other suggestions are still welcome.
I did a great hike to McNeil point last summer. It was later in the year than this, and there were still lots of flowers. It takes you above the timberline, so you'll see lots of alpine meadows/lakes, and great views all around. Unfortunately, I don't have specifics on the hike or trailhead, but I'll bet you can find it on this site somewhere! It was around 8 or 9 miles round trip, I think...