Overnight with decent fishing?

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I'm looking for a rare combination... a single night backpacking trip that will take me to a relatively secluded lake or stream with decent fishing! I was thinking about something near Mt. Hood, but am open to any other ideas as long as they are within 2 or so hours of Portland... I promise... I'll keep it quiet...

 both shining lake and miror lake u can hike in and camp. Shinig is about 3.4 miles and miror is 1.4. I have not done them yet but i plan on doing them in the next couple weeks for 1-2 nights. It sounds like Indian heaven just inside washington might be good also. Let me know how it goes and how the fishing is.
Found stocking info and current reports: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/RR/willamette/ http://www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/fishing/trout stocking schedules/
Interesting... I'll have to poke around and see if I can get any info... If you remember where you got your list lemme know!
I don't recall if the forest service or the fish and game handle stocking the mountain lakes. I made some phone calls a few years back and got a list of all the last stock dates and species in the lakes oregon. The majority of lakes tend to have brook trout, because the are successful at spawning in the steams coming into the lakes, but cutthroat are the best catch and get big and put up a good fight. I've had some lunkers follow my line (I'm talking 20 inches plus),but never bite. From what I remember of the list, there were a few lakes in bull of the woods wilderness stocked with cutthroat. On my map, there was no deignated trail into them. I believe they were called Motherload lakes. I always wanted to check it out for myself.