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Hello Forest, I accidentally added the Big Eddy Trail twice trying to fix one of my mistakes I made on the direction portion. So now there are 2 and one says you head west one say east. I need to delete the one that says west and is not rated. Could you do this or tell me how I can delete one of my trails I added. By the way your trails website is great! Thank You T. Simons 81

I'll get the images fixed up as well...looks like there is some sort of bug that is pulling in the extra image from another hike....
Wow that was fast. How do you delete pics you added twice??? lol I'm having a hard time editing today I guess. The image part has one picture that should not even be on there and another that is on there twice.
T. Simons_81
I removed the errant entry...It is on my list to give access to the members to edit the trail entries as needed, but it's always difficult to find the time! Thanks for the trail submission and your continued contributions to the site. -Forrest