lyman-image lake loop

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hi everybody, we (a dutch/german couple) are coming over this july for some trails! we are considering, amongst others, the lyman-image lake loop. can anyone list me the permits i'd need? it all remains a bit confusing for me still.. i guess nw forest pass? and is wild camping allowed anywhere? thanks!

Hello All, Can anyone tell me if the FS Road 26 is still washed out? If so, is there parking at the washout/trail head? Any information is appreciated. Thanks, Bob
You'll most likely need to rent a car to make it to the trailhead, and that would be the case for most of the trails here (since most leave from small, obscure roads). There may be some options east of seattle that leave from I-90 and could (?) be serviced by some sort of bus line, but I'm not sure of that. The Pacific Crest Trail passes through Snoqualmie pass on I-90, so you could potentially connect with other trails assuming you can get to Snoqualmie. Generally bear cans are only required in the national parks. I didn't take one when I did the trip, but I did hang my food to avoid any issues.
hi forrest, thanks for your reply! i had some other questions.. we will be travelling without a car.. is lyman-image lake reachable then? or would you suggest other itineraries that are easy by public transport? and one last one.. are bear containers necessary everywhere there? thanks! like your trip reports and pics btw:)
For the Lyman-Image Lake Loop, you'll just need the NW Forest Park Pass ($30/yr, $5/day). You'll need to pick these up either at a ranger station, or most outdoor stores in the northwest sell them (buying from a store is probably easier). I think you can even purchase online. Camping is generally allowed anywhere (except in fragile areas, like meadows). You can usually find campsites pretty easily along the trails so it generally isn't too big of a concern. Image Lake has pretty strict camping regulations, but as I recall there is camping near the lake (just not at the lake).