3 day trip in July

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I'm planning a 3 day trip with 7-8 people in late July. I'd love a trip of about 25-30 miles and either a point to point or loop. I'd like it be less than 3 hours from Portland. Optimally, it would involve ~10 mile days and nice camps. At this point, the Goat Rocks Circuit out of Douglas Lorrain's "Backpacking Washington" is what I'm leaning towards. We'd walk past Goat Lake, Snowgrass Flat and then head north on the PCT to Elk pass where we'd take the trail past Packwood Lake. The only bummer is we don't get to camp at a lake. Does this sound like a winner or does anyone else have a better suggestion?

Sounds like a winner to me (The Goat Rocks are actually my favorite destination close to Portland, and this trail would sample quite a bit of the scenery). Probably not too big of a deal not to camp at the lake. As I recall, it's actually frozen over for most of the year (even into August) and stays quite snowy around the lake. There are good camps at Snowgrass, or on the trail between Goat Lake and Snowgrass.