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I was curious to see where the snow line is right now, so I backpacked up Herman Creek this weekend. At least for the Gorge, we first hit snow at 3,000', and we turned around at 3,600' when we began walking on several feet of snow and couldn't locate the trail any longer. Additional snow information: Have a current snow report? Post a message here to help us all!

We headed up to Badger Lake this weekend, hit a snow bridge at about 4700. 4813 the access road to 4860-140 was passible but rough. A car can make it, but I would recommend a high clearance vehicle. We camped at about 4500 @ a site that intersected with trail 466. There was some timber down crossing the path. We will give it a couple of weeks and try again. Putting some pics in. J
I was just at Wahtum lake yesterday June 8th..... The trail was clear until I got within about 1/4 mile of the lake.... still a few feet on the forest floor. But seemed to be melting quickly. The lake sits at about 3700 ft.
I think the Cascades got hit pretty good this year with snow. It definitely makes it harder to find a memorial day backpacking trip. I have only been to the Cabinet Mountains once; did the hike to Wanless Lake. I enjoyed the area, and someday hopefully I'll make it back over there to explore some more.
The south facing side of the gorge might be a different story. I'm suprised the snow is so low. Looks like another delayed year for the high country. When I was in hells canyon about a month ago, it seemed as if the snow was around 4500 feet. I drove up to fernan saddle, outside of Couer d' alene last weekend and hit snow right around 4000 feet. I might have to postpone a couple june trips or head back to hells canyon. Have you ever been to the cabinets forrest?