Dark Divide in May

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I'm hoping to do a three day trip up to the Dark Divide area of the Washington Cascades for Memorial Day weekend, but am thinking it will still most likely be under snow. Has anyone done any trails up there, and what time of year did you do it. Memorial day too early?

Yeah, I'll probably have to wait for the Dark Divide trip, but I'll definitely see what the weather does in May. The plan was to head up Quartz Creek and then use the Snagtooth Trail to connect with the Boundary Trail. Hike past Hat Rock and Dark Meadow and complete the loop using the Quartz Ridge Trail and drop back down to Quartz Creek. Maybe a good June trip, when the higher mountain trails are still under snow.
I'm not totally clear on what areas are considered part of the dark divide. I have one book that suggest most of trails in the area opens up in june-july and another that claims may. I think it's going to depend on the weather over the first three weeks of may. I have tried to get into Indian heavens in late April and May with no luck. I did craggy peak in September, but that doesn't help answer your question. I'm thinking Memorial day will be too early. I would make a back-up plan.