Long Hike

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I’m looking for a long backpacking trip to do this summer. I’m thinking of going at least 60 miles, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

The timberline trail or the wonderland trail are both long hikes and great scenery. Summer is the time to do it as well.
Definitely look into hikes in the North Cascades. I'm sure that there are plenty of hikes that match your length requirement, and the scenery is amazing.
I would suggest doing a long loop trip in the Wallowa Mountains. There has been a trip that I've wanted to try in the Wallowas for a while. Starting at the Two Pan Trailhead: Day 1: Swamp Lake (trail 1656) Day 2: Tombstone Lake (trail 1676 to 1944) Day 3: Echo/Traverse Lake Day 4: Eagle Lake Day 5: Backtrack to trail 1922 and the Minam River to Blue Lake Day 6: Head over to Lakes Basin Day 7: Return to the Two Pan Trailhead Now that would be a good hike!
Take a look at trips in Hell's Canyon. I know that there are some spectacular long trips that are possible in the canyon. If you plan it right, you may be able to do a long loop trip that doesn't require the use of a shuttle, one of the draw-backs of doing a Hell's Canyon hike.