Fantastic Weekend-What did you do?

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What a great weekend to get out and do some hiking. I did the Hamilton Mtn Loop in the gorge on Saturday. Good views from the top, and just getting out and stretching the legs on a beautiful day was a treat. Anyone else do any good trips over the sunny weekend?

There are two parts to this hike. One half goes through oak forest, near the base of the ridge. This part is OK in weather that isn't so great, and while we were there we saw plenty of wildflowers, although not in the numbers that you'd see on the "other" part of the hike. The second half switch-backs through a completely open plain - not a place you want to be in nasty/windy weather. This area is comparable to the top of Dog Mountain or Catherine Creek. Many, many wildflowers -- but the wildflowers are relatively easy to get to, so generally you see a considerable number of people (but not as many as at Dog Mountain). This is also the part of the trail frequented by mountain bikers, so if you go, you need to be prepared to share the trail.
Never been to Coyote Wall but have heard of Dog Mountain. Considering going this weekend based on your review of the wild flowers. : ) Is it still a nice hike in the rain? Is the trail pretty crowded?
So this weekend wasn't quite as nice as last, but I was able to make it out for a short trip up to Triple Falls. Wanted to do a longer trip, but found out that the bridge above Triple Falls isn't there at the moment, so we had to cut our trip short. Still nice to get out, and see the all of the fresh green underbrush.
Coyote Wall is one of my favorite hikes, although we've never done it in the spring -- until 4/19! Oh my gosh, it was beautiful. The flowers rival Dog Mountain, although I think they're probably two or three weeks farther along here on Coyote Wall. Should be great for several more weeks.
Just did a short hike up Herman Creek. Great weather this past weekend. I'm hoping for lots of good weather this spring!
Backpacked along the Deschutes River. : )
I worked =(