Mt. Hood Easy Hikes

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I have family visiting from back east in July and would like to take them up to Mt. Hood to see the great scenery that we have here. They aren't really hikers, so I'm looking for some easy trails to show off our area, but aren't too difficult. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Wildflowers will depend on how high you are. At Timberline's elevation, I think the wildflowers peak from mid-July to mid-August, but it can change from year to year.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll look up some of these. How are the wildflowers around mid-July?
You might also consider Ramona Falls. It's a bit longer, but very scenic. Timberline Lodge to ZigZag Canyon, five miles round-trip, is nice and fairly easy (after the initial quarter-mile from the lodge to the trail), but probably won't be clear of snow until late July.
Mirror Lake is a good option. You may also look into just heading to Timberline Lodge and wandering along the Timberline Trail to the west of the lodge.
Mirror Lake, just south of highway 26 would be a good trail for your family. The trail is only a mile long, but the view of Mt Hood from the lake is great.