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Hello, I've looked at a few of the descriptions for hikes in the Wallowas. This summer I want to do a trip over there, but was wondering what everyone here thinks has the best scenery. I want to do a three or four day backpack.

This past summer, I did a similar trip to the East Eagle/Imnaha loop, we made it a little longer by taking the North Fork of the Imnaha River as opposed to the South Fork. It was my first visit to the southern Wallowas, and it was very spectacular. I'm looking forward to exploring the southern Wallowas more in the years ahead. We did our trip at the very end of August, and it was a good time of year to do it. Good weather, not too many mosquitos, and there still were some wildflowers out.
The East Eagle/Imnaha trip looks good, and the author's description certainly is persuasive! PDXHiker: What times of years have you done the loop? What's the best time of year to do it?
Take a look at the East Eagle/Imnaha loop in Doug Lorrain's book. We've done it twice now, & loved every minute. It approaches from the south side of the area, and is much less crowded than the trails from the north. It hits the popular and very scenic areas, but also travels through some gorgeous country that isn't quite as loved to death.
Looks like a good trip, I would think that I would spend a night at Aneroid Lake, a night at Glacier Lake, and a night at Douglas Lake or one of the other lakes in Lake Basin. Don't think I would want to do a car shuttle, so I would head back out to the Wallowa Lake trailhead. Looks like a really good loop trip! Thanks for the suggestions.
I was going to suggest the same trip as Forrest. I did it 3 years back and I think it is my favorite backpacking trip that I have done. You will twist your ankles a few times for there is no way you can keep your eyes on the trail. Just when you think you have been completely blown away by the scenery, you'll cross another pass or round another bend and it happens all over again
I think one of the best options would be to backpack to Aneroid Lake, then cross over to Glacier Lake at Polaris Pass (one of the best view of the Wallowas). From Glacier Lake, head through lakes basin and out through the West Fork of the Wallowa River, or if you can do a car shuttle, head out Hurricane Creek. Glacier Lake and the surrounding area is fantastic, and probably has some of the best scenery in the Wallowas. Lakes basin is great, but can get a litle crowded.