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I was wondering if anyone has a Steripen water filter. I was thinking about getting one, but I wanted some feedback.

Do check the steripen website for their info on the best battery performance. It makes a huge difference!! We started out using rechargeable batteries, which totally let us down. Invest in their recommended batteries.
We have used one for about a year now. I haven't had any problems with it but I do store the batteries separate from the pen. You also need to be sure to dry the pen off before sterilizing another liter of water or it will keep flashing red (indicating the water isn't sterilized). I'm glad we have it.
I've only had limited experience with one, a friend brought one for a trip and it was definitely nice and quite a bit faster than pumping. His did stop working briefly on the trip, some sort of battery issue, but I think we got it working again (and we carried purifiers as well so it wasn't too big of a deal). The reliance on an electronic item makes me a little nervous, but I have a feeling that this will be one of those gizmos that 10 years from now, we'll wonder how we ever did without.
I borrowed one last summer to try out, and it seemed to work good. Quicker than purifying. I'll probably purchase one at some point in the future.