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Hey everyone, I am looking for a 3 day backpack trip within about an hour of the portland area. I am wanting to go somewhere with lots of lakes... but few(er) people (I dont want to hike into a lake that someone can drive to!) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

Cast Creek on Mt. Hood is nice. We did an overnight trip there only because we were short on time (pretty much hiked in while it was dark out) but there is a lot of add-on hikes that you could take to make it a 3 day trip.
If you're willing to drive two hours and you have some map & compass skills (or can use a GPS), take a look at the Burley Lakes. You start at Santiam Pass & follow the PCT for maybe 1.5 miles, then branch off onto the Santiam Trail. Lower Burley is very popular, but Upper Burley is harder to find. I've been there on two holiday weekends, and both times there has been only one other couple camping nearby. A couple of miles farther up the trail is Santiam Lake, & there are others after that, depending you your stamina. Since these lakes aren't on the PCT, they're a bit more off the beaten track and therefore less crowded.
Thanks everyone for the great ideas... I have done a couple hikes in a few of these areas when I was much younger and have wanted to go back (I remember loving them) I am glad to know that others recommend them as well :-) the area around st. helens looks very different and is definatly new to me... if anyone has suggestions about this area let me know!! you guys are awesome! Jess
Hiking within an hour from portland and avoiding the crowd is difficult. Hiking on the weekdays would be your best bet. I think Forrest is referring to the Mt. Margret backcountry north of St. Helens. I did an overnighter there 3 years ago. The amount of visitors is limited and you are required to obtain a permit. I would call a ranger station in the area for more information. The area has a haunting beauty. The trees lay like fallen dominos from the eruption. There are several lakes. Shovel lake, with its bright blue water, sits below the clifs of Mt Whittier, would be a great camp site. The area is also rich in wildlife. If that doesn't work out. Try bull of the woods wilderness. I was lucky on a couple of my visits and saw hardly a soul.
I've done a few trips in the Indian Haven wilderness, north of Hood River, which is really nice. You get occassional views of the taller peaks, like Mt. Adams and Hood, but most of the lakes are just nice quiet lakes surrounded trees. Good area to check out and I don't think it gets too many visitors either.
The most spectacular lake hike close to Portland is probably Jefferson Park. It can be crowded, but it seems as though there is enough area to get away from people. There are also quite a few lake backpacking trips south of Mt. Jefferson, but those are a couple hours from Portland. I have been looking at doing some trips at Mt. St. Helens. There is some good looking country to the north of the mountain with quite a few lakes that may provide some good options. I haven't been there, but perhaps another forumer can comment on that area.
Any time this summer, Im planning on doing a quite a few different trips... So lets say in late june/early july.... if that helps narrow down the ideas :-) Thanks!
What time of year are you going to be doing your trip?