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I am trying to plan a hike for early August and need some direction or advice on where to go. Any suggestions would be great. I want it to be in the olympics. Looking for 8+ miles one way with maybe a couple stops or so. Something with some altitude in it. More like the 5,000 ft. and above. Any suggestions??

There's a great 13-mile loop very close to Port Angeles. You start at the Heart of the Hills lot, and ascend about 2400' in 3.5 miles to Lake Angeles. You then continue on another 3 miles (1800') to Klahhane Ridge. The trail crosses back & forth across the ridge line (beautiful views in all directions) before heading back down via the Heather Park trail, 6.4 miles/4000' elevation loss. The flowers should be very good that time of year. Last time we were there we saw two very tame mountain goats just hanging out at the side of the trail.
Sounds like a good plan. I was looking at this in google earth, and if I have the right lakes, they look pretty nice. I'm intrigued by the lake that is to the east of the other two, looks like there may be some really good views of Olympus from that one.
I think we are going to do it anyhow. Just do a day hike up the ridge so the extra pounds don't drag us down. I will let you all know how it goes.
Joshua Simpson
I looked in all of my guidebooks and couldn't find mention of a trail to the lakes north of Bob Creek, so it looks like you will have to make your own trail. Looks like a good area though, if you can make it -- bushwacking in the Olympics can be tough.
I looked at Queets river trail and am going to hike from the trail head up to Bob's Creek campground. From there we want to hit the three lakes at the top of the ridge straight north of the campground. Any clue whether or not there is a trail there or are we going to have to forge our own up the 3500' ridge. Any info would be nice.
My favorite hike in the Olympics is High Divide, which is about 8 miles from the trailhead at SoleDuck Falls. You pass by Deer Lake along the way, and then reach High Divide with great views of Mt. Olympus. You can return the way you came, or make a loop out of it by hiking past Hear Lake back down to the Soleduck River. I think the total loop is 15 or 16 miles.