Three Sisters trip

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Hello. I am looking for some friendly advice. My buddy and I are looking for some ideas for an upcoming trip. We are planning on being on the trail Oct. 22-25 and would appreciate any suggestions for a route in Three Sisters area. We were planning on an ambitious trip, but he got hurt training for ultra marathons. So, we want to only hike 3-4 hrs a day. Maybe hike out to a place and establish a high basecamp? We have a new 4 season tent and would like to test it in harsh conditions. I bet one of you have some great suggestions! I would also apprecaite someone giving me a crash course on more advanced digital photography. I would of course buy the person beer and pizza ( my long winded stories are free however). Thanks!

I just read your post and am interested in how your "winter" backpacking trip went in Three Sisters. Had I seen this message earlier, I would have suggested the Obsidian Trail or Green Lakes. I have a blog about my Green Lakes trip from last summer, if you are interested: