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hello folks ~ I recently found this site and after reading a few of the posts I see that other people like to take their dog ~ I am from the UP of Michigan and my dog went everywhere with me (responsible dog owner ~ had her on leash when needed) there were very few limitations on where I could take her. But I also knew the lay of the land and where on public/ private lands we could be without problems ~ I don't know oregon that well and my friends with dogs seem content to walk on Mount Tabor/ Forest park ~ I love to get out but after living someplace where my dog could hike anywhere with me I just feel guilty if I go without her so i end up not going ~ So, long story short does anyone have any suggestions on where to go? well cheers ....

I've lived in Portland for over six years and adopted a dog last April. This city has to be the MOST dog-friendly place on the planet. Some of Max and my favorite places to go: - Thousand Acres off of I-84 (one exit east of Troutdale) - Forest Park, especially farther north where there are less people and cyclists - Powell Butte Hikes outside of Portland Metro: - Siouxon Creek in WA - Hamilton Mtn in the Gorge on the WA side of Columbia River - Elk Cove Trail on Mt. Hood - anywhere in Three Sisters Wilderness There are a few books published on hiking in Oregon/Washington with dogs, as well as a Portland-specific dog guide.
I live in the southern Willamette Valley and the best dog friendly place around is Peavy Arboretum. It is the property of Oregon State University and they allow people to hike around their forest. I have taken my dog (off leash!!!) and have also seen dog walking clubs there too. It is beautiful and there is also a pond that dogs can take a dip in. Watch out for horseback riders though, they startled my dog one day and sent her scampering back to my side!