Portland Hikes

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Hello, I am new to the northwest and was wondering what the best hikes are within an hour or so of Portland.

Head down the valley two hours to Silver Falls State Parks. Its hard to beat 10 waterfalls on an eight mile hike...and being able to walk behind several of them!
Well my favorite would have to be the Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood.
Definitely do Eagle Creek, but like Forrest says, do it in the Spring when the waterfalls are running harder. I would also suggest hiking it during a weekday to avoid the crowds.
This is a toughy...kind of depends on what you like to see. One of my favorites is Elk Cove on the north side of Mt. Hood. Great alpine meadows and one of the best views of Mt. Hood that you can get. Eagle Creek in the gorge is also a favorite, although this time of year generally means you'll be facing massive crowds and the waterfalls aren't running as much as they are during the spring.