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Have a feature you'd like to see? Think something on this site could be done better? Leave a posting here, or email me and let me know.

I totally agree. Commenting on pictures, along with hiker logs would be great, and is actually probably one of the next items I'll add to the site. An entire messaging system will be added, but is a little further down the road. I would love to get some more trails from Idaho, but it's really up to the people living in Idaho to add hikes from that region (submit a trail link is at the bottom of each page). If you have any suggestions on enticing more Idaho backpackers to the site, let me know. Feel free to spread the word!
It would be nice if People could comment on other peoples pictures. Also if their was some type of message system you could use to keep in contact with fellow hikers that you might know (friends). I do like this web page though you keep it pretty updated, but their are little hikes in Idaho listed, it is a great place to backpack. Also can you make it possible to edit trail submissions I would like to make a couple corrections on mine. Thanks
I fixed some image upload issues. This was mainly noticable if you were uploading larger files. Let me know if you encounter any issues while uploading imagery.
To add a trail to the site, click on the "submit trail" link, which is located in the set of links at the bottom of the page.
I was wondering how one submits a trail not found under the "trails" tab? Thanks
Good find...I think I fixed the issue. So in the album manager, there should be a listing of all your folders, with edit and delete buttons. Let me know if this is now the case, or if there is still an issue.
The only option under my Album Manager is to create a new folder... Thanks
Hello KerstenK, To rename or delete: -Once signed in, go to your "home page", -Right above the image thumbnails that show your folders, there should be a link that says "Album Manager", click on that -It should give you the option in the Album Manger to edit or delete the folder. It also appears as though your avatar isn't correctly showing, if you have run into an issue with that, let me know. Hope that helps. If you need any more help, just let me know.
I want to delete two of my Albums, or atleast rename them. How (if possible) can I do this? Thanks!
Thanks for bringing that to my attention marym. It should be fixed now.
There is a pop up ad that is blocking the trail search options. I would like to search for spring trails, but the popup ad will not allow me to choose the "search" option.
I've received a few emails for site improvements so I'll create a listing here of suggestions that have been made. I'll add to this list as new suggestions are made. - Ability to post photos in hike logs - Allow users to edit trail descriptions that they have added - Add a private messaging system so hikers can connect with other hikers. - ADDED: Ability to sort trails in order by length, max height, etc... Keep the suggestions coming...