Spring Hikes

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I'm trying to plan my Spring Hiking options (since it is actually snowing at the moment) and am looking for some good hikes during late March or so. Anywhere in the Northwest is fine, but I'm probably leaning towards southern Oregon somewhere. any input would be appreciated. Thanks

I'm wondering if anyone has ever done any backpacking in the Redwoods? are there any good routes?
you can probably get a little ways into the Marble Mountain Wilderness before running into snow. We were able to make it quite a few miles out several years ago using the Pacific Crest Trail.
The last time I checked, the Illinois River Trail was closed because of the biscuit(?) fire that swept through the area last year. Definitely check to see that its open with the Forest Service.
There is always the Rogue River, which is great in the spring, but you may also look at doing the Illinois River which is pretty good as well.