Best hike in the NW

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I am curious to find everyone's favorite trail in the Northwest...I get plenty of emails asking me this question, and since I haven't hiked every trail in the Northwest, I need some help...and don't worry, I don't expect those of you who post to have hiked every trail either! I'm interested in your opinion whether you've hiked 3 trails, or a thousand!

The best hike in the Northwest is the Timberline Trail. Its got great views, and is more manageable than the Wonderland Trail around Ranier.
Rogue River Trail
High Divide
Wonderland Trail--there's really no competition!
Quinalt Valley - Olympic Mountains
I think the best hike is the Collier Cone Trail near the Three Sisters. You can see all of the major Oregon Cascade Volcanoes all in a line! It was breathtaking.
I agree that any trail in the Wallowas is great, but the best area in the region is just over the hill from Lakes Basin...Glacier Lake!
I definitely agree with this one! This trail makes for a great couple days in the high country of the Olympics.
High Divide - Olympics
Any trail that leads to Lakes Basin in the Wallowa Mountains where there are tons of lakes and meadows, all under white granite peaks.
The best hike in the Northwest is the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Ranier!
I would have to say that the hike up to Glacier Lake in the Wallowas mentioned in this site is one of the most phenomenal hikes that I have done...but I also have by no means hiked everything in the Northwest.
The Rogue River is such a good hike. It has rugged country, diverse forests, a beautiful river, and great wildlife.
Best hike in all of the Northwest is High Divide in the Olympics. Awesome view of Olympus, great alpine country, beautiful forests, lakes, etc...